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LED Panel
Name:Luminous efficiency 100lm/w Led Panel
Category:LED Panel
Product Features:
Size: 600x600mm, 620x620mm, 300x1200mm,600x1200mm
Power: 40w/60W, white frame
100lm/w, RA>80, IP20
Tuv listed driver 220-240vac
.Flickering/No flickering/URG<19 available
Luminous efficiency 100lm/w, To use 0.5w 2835smd led LED Panel

1. .ies/.ldt files are available
2. Instant on/ off; No UV/NoFlickering
3. Treated flange back plate to solve the gap problem between two screws with old design
4. Innovative design of connecter safe and reliable user friendly
5. Additional bump to protect LEDs from being hit by LGP
6. Multiple installation methods
7. Ultra slim and light, with thickness only 9mm
8. UGR<19 is available

Item Size Watt Votage Lumen Driver
Luminous efficiency 100lm/w, To use 0.5w 2835smd led 
P600*600-XX40-S1 595*595*9MM 40W  220~240VAC 4000lm TUV, CE
P620*620-XX40-S1 620*620*9MM 40W  220~240VAC 4000lm TUV, CE
P1200*300-XX40-S1 295*1195*9MM 40W  220~240VAC 4000lm TUV, CE
P1200*600-XX60-S1 595*1195*10MM 60W  220~240VAC 6000lm TUV, CE
1.Flickering/No flickering/URG<19 available
2.White frame. XX means color, when order, please confirm correct color


Item Packing Dimension(mm) Net weight Outer carton size(mm) Outer carton G.W
600*600 panel light 6pcs 595*595*11 2.15 kg 650*160*650 14.0 kg
per carton without inner box
620*620 panel light 6pcs 620*620*11 2.3 kg 675*160*675 15.0 kg
per carton without inner box
1200*300 panel light 6pcs 1195*295*11 2.3 kg 1250*160*350 15.0 kg
per carton without inner box
1200*600 panel light 2pcs 1195*595*11 5.00 kg 1250*30*650 13.0 kg
per carton without inner box

Connection Diagram:
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